About us

Our team consists of  some great people with vast and varied life and work experiences. Our point of difference is that we work in the industry we train in. We run school and adventure camps so we know the skills that you will really need and provide scenarios and real life training opportunities that are unique. We love nature and share that passion with all our students and clients.


Jacinta W: Director.

“Outdoor recreation has a way of making people look at themselves and challenges the way you think.  Anyone can find their hidden strengths and skills by joining in an activity such as canoeing, abseiling or rockclimbing.”

Jacinta has a teaching background and is highly passionate about the environment and the outdoors. She is responsible for keeping the operations running smoothly and keeping our course content up to date and compliant with all current laws and regulations. She also is a crack shot with the bow and arrow.

Damian P: 

Damian brings a wealth of experience to the company and has plenty of enthusiasm and is skilled at working with school groups. He is expert at making sure you do your training homework so be warned. Damian can also tie just about every knot imaginable and is very good at passing down his skills and motivating you.