The Outdoor Education Consultants () offers Outdoor Recreation Certifications The Outdoor Education Consultants () have become well-known for the flexible learning options we offer to our students for different qualifications, including  self-paced learning, training over multiple weekends,... ... read more.

Australian Outdoor Education

Achieve the Career You Want with Courses Are you interested in Australian outdoor education At The Outdoor Education Consultants, we offer a wide range of training opportunities to equip you for the adventurous career path you want Outdoor recreation courses can challenge and fulfil you, help... ... read more.

Cert 3 Outdoor Recreation

Earn Your Cert 3 in Outdoor Recreation and Enjoy a New Career If you like the idea of spending your days outdoors instead of an office, it may be time to look into earning your cert 3 in outdoor recreation The Outdoor Education Consultants has the courses you need to further your education and... ... read more.

Outdoor Adventure Courses

Start Your Career Leading If you’ve always loved being active out in nature, consider becoming a guide in outdoor adventure courses with The Outdoor Education Consultants (TOEC) Whether you’re young or old, when you’re ready for a fulfilling, fun career that will put your sense of... ... read more.

Archery Sunshine Coast

Learn to Teach Archery on the Sunshine Coast from The Outdoor Education Consultants The Outdoor Education Consultants or TOEC will incorporate adventure and fun into nature and get you out of the office working with others Why not learn Archery on the Sunshine Coast today What You Should Know... ... read more.

Diploma of Outdoor Recreation

Earn Your Through TOEC There's a simple yet timeless expression – ‘the call of the wild’ and our can provide you the opportunity to answer that call We are all about the human experience of connecting with nature Related Services We Provide To A Diploma in Outdoor Education As you... ... read more.


... ... read more.

Low Ropes Course

Become a Guide for Outdoor Adventure Challenges A popular activity in outdoor adventure programs is the low ropes course because it is accessible to many and builds confidence and communication skills for groups with a range of physical abilities We offer  and other related activity training... ... read more.