Cert 3 Outdoor Recreation

Earn Your Cert 3 in Outdoor Recreation and Enjoy a New Career

If you like the idea of spending your days outdoors instead of an office, it may be time to look into earning your cert 3 in outdoor recreation. The Outdoor Education Consultants has the courses you need to further your education and create the life you want.

Benefits of Earning Your Certificate 3 in Outdoor Recreation

Why should you work towards your certificate III in outdoor recreation? There are several reasons to aim for an outdoor career, such as:

  • You’ll spend your workdays outdoors. Being able to escape the office environment, whether full-time or just a few hours a week, is one of the best reasons to seek a certification that opens the door to the great outdoors.
  • You’ll learn more about your environment. Not only will you learn the practical skills you need, such as kayaking or abseiling, but you’ll also learn more about nature, sustainability, human activity and its effects on the environment, and more.
  • You’ll be healthier than someone who sits at a desk every day. Most outdoor careers involve a significant amount of physical activity. Spending a lot of time outdoors can help you stay healthy and fit.
  • You’ll likely be less stressed. Not getting enough time outdoors can lead to increased stress, anxiety, or depression. Combat the blues by embarking on a career path that leads you to spend your days in nature and the outdoors, and you’ll enjoy better mental health.

Related Services We Provide to Certificate 3 in Outdoor Recreation

At TOEC, we offer a range of courses designed to teach you the outdoor skills you need to achieve the career you want. Some of our offerings include:

  • Certificate Courses. Our outdoor education certificate courses range from certificate II in outdoor recreation up to the diploma of outdoor recreation. These courses prepare you to plan, implement, and evaluate outdoor recreation programs and activities autonomously in a variety of areas including non-routine and complex situations.
  • Skill Sets. We teach a variety of specific skill sets, such as Abseiling Guide Pitch Artificial Surfaces, Climbing Guide Top Rope Artificial Surfaces, Bushwalking Guide Controlled Environment, and Mountain Bike Guide (Intermediate Environment).
  • Short Courses. Enrol in one or more of our short courses and learn a new skill or hone your existing skills in areas such as low ropes and high ropes, climbing, kayaking and canoeing, mountain biking, archery, search and rescue and vertical rescue,.

Why Trust TOEC Regarding Your Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation

When it comes to your education, you can trust TOEC to provide quality courses taught by highly experienced and qualified instructors. We have been operating since 2012 and are passionate about nature and teaching others to enjoy and care for it. We offer flexible learning modes with self-paced and part-time options as well as payment options to make outdoor education accessible to as many people as possible. We also have an extensive range of choices, so you can select the path that suits you best. Contact TOEC today to learn more.