Archery Sunshine Coast

Learn to Teach Archery on the Sunshine Coast from The Outdoor Education Consultants

The Outdoor Education Consultants or TOEC will incorporate adventure and fun into nature and get you out of the office working with others. Why not learn Archery on the Sunshine Coast today?

What You Should Know About Our Archery Certification Course

Feel empowered and youthful when you embark on the recreational tourism industry as a self-employed leader. There is a vast pool of recreational outdoor courses for you to tap into. Continue reading to learn more about our Archery Certification Course.

  • Self-paced and part time. Because we understand that many people have to continue working while they study, our certification courses are based on a mix of self-paced learning with in-person training. This method means you can plan your study schedule and maintain our work, life and study balance.
  • Large variety of elective choices offered. We offer Archery Accredited course for people with archery or outdoor recreation industry experience to work with novice archers such as school aged students and beginners in an introductory session, for example, school camp based activity. Additionally, we also teach abseiling courses.
  • Flexible learning. We arrange your training to complete part online half online – theory and practical. Ideal for full time employees

Tips Regarding Abseiling Courses

We will teach you on both natural- and artificial surfaces.

  • Always ensure that you enlist with a professional instructor. Our courses offer both practical exercises and theoretical knowledge.
  • You can benefit from starting at an indoor facility where you can rent abseiling equipment before you enrol in a course.
  • It is advisable to take responsibility for your own safety. We will teach you to tie knots, check that they are secure and how to ensure safe anchors.

Little Known Facts About Abseiling

A few fun facts about abseiling:

  • It’s a useful skill used on mountains and high bridges to skyscrapers and enables you to descend from great heights at a pace that you set and feels safe for you.
  • Many jobs rely on good abseiling knowledge – for example, oil rig workers, the military and even tree surgeons can use this valuable skill.
  • The word abseiling is derived from the German word ‘abseilen’, which means ‘to rope down’.

TOEC offers outdoor recreation qualifications from a Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation to a Diploma of Outdoor Recreation. We have also training sites across Australia, in Townsville, WA, NSW, and NT. You will become part of a community with an experienced collective who’s been in operation since 2012.

People come from different walks of life, it is this variety we embrace, welcome, and reflect in the way we operate. It is how we get you to rise to the occasion when you are standing in front of a path you’ve never walked before. This uniquely crafted experience is adjustable to your lifestyle and personal needs. Whatever history, background, or experiences you’re coming from you’ll find a balanced way to navigate through our world and still maintain your personal life. Contact us with any questions; we look forward to hearing from you.