The Outdoor Education Consultants (TOEC) offers Outdoor Recreation Certifications

The Outdoor Education Consultants (TOEC) have become well-known for the flexible learning options we offer to our students for different qualifications, including  self-paced learning, training over multiple weekends, skype calls. We understand the difficulty of making time for your education, especially if you are considering a career change and this is why we have tailored our programs to be self-paced and workable for part-time learners while offering a large amount of real-world experience.

Problems with Outdoor Education Qualifications TOEC Addresses

Do you spend your days in an office wishing that you could turn your love of the outdoors into a satisfying career? Before you can make this dream a reality, you need to obtain the proper qualifications. Here are a few of the ways we can help:

  • To make our courses manageable for students from all walks of life, we’ve designed a curriculum where the theoretical aspects of the certification are accessible online, which allows you to complete the class around your schedule.
  • Our commitment to flexibility extends to payment options as well. We work with you to help find a way to transition you into the outdoor recreation career you will love.

Related Services we Provide to Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation

Certificate IV qualifications are not the only course options that we offer. We also have the opportunity for more advanced students to pursue other certificates, including a Diploma in Outdoor Recreation. Here are some examples of other courses we offer:

  • Climbing and abseiling can be a lot of fun, but it is essential that you become familiar with the safety requirements and other issues when you are working as a guide. Our Skillset Courses in climbing and abseiling count toward your certification. We also offer shorter courses to brush up your skills.
  • Our Bushwalking Guide Skill Course teaches you how to plan and guide a bushwalk to both minimise the impact on the environment and respond to an emergency. Bushwalking is a low impact outdoor activity that almost anyone can participate in, making it a sought-after activity.
  • Our other short courses will get you ready to oversee and guide a variety of other outdoor activities. Some of these include kayak and canoe guide, archery, rope courses and more.

About The Outdoor Education Consultants

The TOEC team believes that outdoor recreation has a way of helping people reflect on important aspects of their life and challenge the way they think. These types of activities are used to help people find their hidden strengths and skills. We enjoy teaching our courses because we love seeing the effect it can have on people and potentially guide them into a new career. If you feel unfulfilled in your current job and want to learn more about our courses and certifications, reach out to us today.