Outdoor Adventure Courses

Start Your Career Leading Outdoor Adventure Courses

If you’ve always loved being active out in nature, consider becoming a guide in outdoor adventure courses with The Outdoor Education Consultants (TOEC). Whether you’re young or old, when you’re ready for a fulfilling, fun career that will put your sense of adventure to use, we can guide you to the perfect job for someone like you.

When Buying Outdoor Education Courses Online Consider This

With a growing demand for outdoor adventure guides in Australia, many companies are offering training courses. You should look for specific indicators of quality when considering outdoor education courses online.

  • There should be face-to-face training time involved. Any outdoor adventure course that is 100% virtual should be a red flag. Our courses blend online, self-paced learning with in-person training that you plan around your schedule, so it is compatible with your life.
  • Online learning should be interactive. While online education is convenient for those training while holding other jobs or going to school, any outdoor adventure courses should be interactive to support students and provide guidance in between the blocks of in-person training. Our trainers check in frequently with students online via Skype and other methods of communication to ensure that you are on track with your learning goals.
  • Adequate preparation to become an outdoor adventure guide should take time. If a course promises to get you certified and employed within a month or at some rapid speed, you should be sceptical. Remember, as fun and rewarding as this job can be, you are responsible for guiding other people in situations with a degree of risk. You need to be fully prepared to handle any situation before you start. Our courses are comprehensive, and although the timing can vary because of the self-directed nature of the training, on average, it takes anywhere from seven months to a year to become certified.

Key Questions to Ask TOEC about Outdoor Courses

We want to guide you to the right training course at TOEC that will fulfil your personal goals and help you develop your fitness and leadership skills with us.

  • What career pathways are available? You want to train for the job that best suits your skills and preferences. You could become an Outdoor Adventure Leader, Camp Coordinator, or an Activity Instructor in activities such as bushwalking, mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling, challenge ropes course, and the list continues. Be sure to start any training course with a sense of the direction you hope to take in your outdoor adventure career whether you pursue short activity courses, Certificate II, III, IV training, or an Outdoor Recreation Diploma.
  • Does my prior experience count as training? We offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to assess existing knowledge and skills you may have that could fit the competency requirements of a training unit we offer. This option can allow you to advance faster through the training and validates the time and effort you’ve spent on prior learning.
  • How do I enrol? Enrolment is simple. We ask that all people who start training be at least 17 years of age and have completed Year 10 to qualify. You should be in good physical fitness or be in a state to improve your fitness level to handle the physical requirements of the job. Beyond that, all you need to do is pay the enrolment fees and sign up online to start your training.

By considering these questions before you embark on your outdoor learning adventure, you should be in good shape to complete your training with a clear sense of purpose and understanding of what the course entails.

What You Should Know about Outdoor Adventure Courses with TOEC

We’ve been offering outdoor adventure course training for seven years with training sites across Australia from our base in Queensland to New South Wales, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. Our team of trainers is made up of a diverse group of people with extensive experience and varied skillsets who offer top-notch training.. We combine all these things with our passion for nature and adventure activities to create challenging and life-changing training courses for people who want to live the dream of working in the great outdoors doing what they love.

Ready to jumpstart your outdoor adventure career and your new life? Contact us to learn more.