Australian Outdoor Education

Achieve the Career You Want with Australian Outdoor Education Courses

Are you interested in Australian outdoor education? At The Outdoor Education Consultants, we offer a wide range of training opportunities to equip you for the adventurous career path you want. Outdoor recreation courses can challenge and fulfil you, help you discover hidden strength, and teach you practical skills such as kayaking, rock-climbing, or abseiling. Join TOEC today and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

Benefits of Outdoor Education Courses

Outdoor education programs help build culture and community, increase connections with other people, and allow you to start down a rewarding and in-demand career path. Here are some of the things you’ll love about our outdoor education courses.

  • Getting out of the office. If you are tired of being stuck in an office environment every day (or you don’t want to begin that lifestyle in the first place), outdoor recreation courses are the answer. Learn the skills you need for an exciting new career.
  • The opportunity to help people. Equip yourself to care for the environment and the people in it with our courses. We teach you concepts such as ecosystems ,biosphere, , and  sustainability.,. Empower others to take care of the earth and themselves by learning more about nature.
  • Having fun. There’s something refreshing and energising about spending your time in the fresh air and sunshine, being active, and engaging with like-minded folks. Give yourself the adventure you deserve with kayak courses and other outdoor education courses.

Tips Regarding Kayak and Canoe Courses

One option you have when you apply with us is canoe and kayak courses. Learn to be a kayak or canoe guide and share your love of these sports with others. You can maximise the value you get from these courses in a few easy steps. Here are a few tips for learning to kayak like a pro.

  • Build your core strength. Your core muscles are essential to kayaking because they help you generate stroke power. Without them, you will end up relying on the weaker muscles in your shoulders and arms, resulting in less-powerful and less-efficient movements.
  • Increase your endurance. Work on improving your endurance, especially in your arms and shoulders, which will be in continuous motion throughout any stroke sequence. Regular cardio and strength training workouts are incredibly beneficial to anyone interested in kayaking or canoeing. 
  • Improve your balance. When you have more balance, you’ll have a more stable base, which will allow you to paddle more efficiently and smoothly. Practice is critical; you can also supplement this with yoga or other exercises that boost your balance and make you stronger.
  • Train. You’ll learn important skills in your courses, but there is no substitute for practice. Get out on the water as often as possible and practise your skills to ensure that you are well-prepared to guide others in this fun and rewarding activity.

About The Outdoor Education Consultants

TOEC has been operating since 2012 on the Sunshine Coast and at training sites across Australia in WA, NSW, NT and North Qld. We offer outdoor recreation qualifications from Certificate II to Diploma and short courses as well in abseiling, climbing, archery, canoeing, kayaking, high ropes, low ropes, and more. We make gaining your certification easy with half-online, half-practical coursework, making our courses ideal for working adults. With a wide variety of elective choices and easy payment options, anyone can gain the outdoor certifications they want to dive into their desired career now. Indulge your sense of adventure – contact us today.