Low Ropes Course

Become a Low Ropes Course Guide for Outdoor Adventure Challenges

A popular activity in outdoor adventure programs is the low ropes course because it is accessible to many and builds confidence and communication skills for groups with a range of physical abilities. We offer  and other related activity training for those who want to add to their outdoor recreation guide certifications or for people who wish to explore this as a career path.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of the Ropes Course

While going through a low challenge ropes course training, we offer you this advice to get the most out of your experience:

  • Remember that becoming a low ropes course facilitator doesn’t merely mean that you will learn how to complete the course successfully. You must learn how to help others challenge themselves and push through doubt and fear. Your job will be to safely guide people to collaborate and work through difficult situations when they must learn to overcome emotions where the mental obstacles are greater than the physical ones.
  • During training, you will be mainly working with people in the industry who are relatively fit and accustomed to adventure activities. However, when you start guiding everyday people, you’ll need to quickly assess abilities and work to encourage all levels while minimising risks, which is an entirely different challenge. Be sure to keep this in mind during your training.
  • The goal of a low ropes challenge is not to prove who is the bravest or the strongest in a group. Your job as a guide is to help groups work together through effective communication and overcome challenges and grow through the process. What seems to be a physical challenge is targeted at developing social skills and stress management to encourage people to navigate their own emotions and group dynamics. You will be leading these discussions and providing the context for self-discovery and collaboration as a guide.

Related Services We Provide to the Ropes Course in Brisbane

We often have high and low ropes course challenges combined, and we offer other similar activities during our outdoor adventure camps and programs.

  • The high ropes course involves a greater level of risk-taking and physical ability for participants that guides will have to manage during programs with large groups of people. This risk requires a slightly different skill set, and we offer training sessions for low ropes and high ropes at separate times to cover the full scope of skills needed for safety and guiding.
  • In the high ropes challenges, there is a climbing wall that requires top rope climbing abilities. While not always part of the high ropes courses, top rope climbing is a possibility for groups who want to try climbing in a controlled setting with professional guidance as part of their challenge program.
  • We also offer climbing on a single pitch natural rock wall and abseiling courses where outdoor guides can learn the skills needed to lead groups safely. If you are interested in gaining various activity certifications, you might consider combining these with high and low rope challenge training for a well-rounded skill set. These are related, and the skills you gain teaching ropes courses can translate to the higher risk setting of rock climbing and abseiling.

About The Outdoor Education Consultants

We established The Outdoor Education Consultants (TOEC) in 2012 to offer outdoor recreation courses for the growing demand for professional guides throughout Australia. We work from our base in Queensland with training sites in New South Wales, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory. Our trainers have extensive experience and a wide range of skills to provide comprehensive, quality training. Our courses are self-paced with a mix of online work and in-person sessions you can plan to fit your schedule. We regularly conduct our high and low ropes course, climbing, and abseiling activity training on weekends throughout the year. All sessions cater to the schedule of people who want to explore outdoor guiding while working or studying full time. Our goal is to equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to be an inspiring, effective outdoor adventure guide who can bring groups together and foster individual growth during any activity session you lead while having fun doing what you love.

If you’re eager to start your ropes course training, contact us for more details.