SISSS00002 – Abseiling Guide Single Pitch (Natural Surfaces)


An abseil guide will assist a more experienced leader with groups so they can take part in an abseiling activity, but there is no intention of imparting skills or knowledge to clients beyond that which is necessary to enable their safe participation in the activity. A guide will work at sites with fixed anchor points.

Course Name: SISSS00002 - Abseiling Guide Single Pitch (Natural Surfaces)
Course Code: SISSS00002
Course Duration: 3-6 months part time including 5 days face to face training.
Training Plans: Abseiling Guide Single Pitch (Natural Surfaces)

Abseiling in Australia is referred to as the controlled descent down a rock face using a rope, in other countries it may be known as rappelling. There are many applications of abseiling, climbers use this technique when a cliff or slope is too steep and/or dangerous to descend without protection. It is also used for various rope access by technicians to access difficult to reach areas at height for various industrial applications like maintenance, construction, inspection and welding. Rescue teams are also known for using this method as a way to access injured or stranded victims. Recreational uses may include caving, canyoning, adventure racing or as a pursuit in itself.
Single pitch is when you abseil one pitch or length of your rope.
A natural surfaces for abseiling is any cliff face, rocky outcrop or natural occurring surface found in the outdoors.


Evidence of 50 logged hours required to pass this skill set.

Entry Requirements:

HLTAID003 Provide First Aid is a prerequsite unit and must be completed prior to starting this skill set.

Units of Competence:
CodeUnit NameType
SISOODR302A Plan outdoor recreation activities Core
SISOODR303A Guide outdoor recreation sessions Core
SISOOPS201A Minimise environmental impact Core
SISOOPS306A Interpret weather conditions in the field Core
SISXCAI306A Facilitate groups Core
SISXEMR201A Respond to emergency situations Core
SISXOHS101A Follow occupational health and safety policies Core
SISXRSK301A Undertake risk analysis of activities Core
SISOABN202A Safeguard an abseiler using a single rope belay system Elective
SISOABN303A Apply single pitch abseiling skills on natural surfaces Elective
SISOABN304A Establish ropes for single pitch abseiling on natural surfaces Elective
SISOABN305A Guide abseiling on single pitch natural surfaces Elective
SISOOPS304A Plan for minimal environmental impact Elective
SISOVTR301A Perform vertical rescues Elective

These units provide a credit towards SIS30413 Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation..
Course Cost is:
$1750 Non Funded OR
$630 Non Concessional and Funded* OR
$390 Concessional and Funded*

*Higher Skill Level Funding

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